Give yourself a damn break

I’m speaking to you all but also to myself and Molly.  This has been such an amazing journey so far and you guys have been so supportive and straight up badasses in so many ways.  You guys have taken my biggest insecurities and turned them into my greatest strengths.  You’ve shown me that the moments I’m most terrified are when I have the most to learn.  So when all these amazing things start to seem heavy it feels like time for some introspection.  These projects should give energy to the people creating them and, when things become too energy intensive, it’s time to give yourself a break.  So while Molly finishes her dissertation, gets ready to defend, looks for jobs, and works out the logistics of both moving and getting married, I think we can all agree that she deserves a break.  And while I work my normal 40 hours (which lately has involved multiple days of travel every week), organize a local March for Science in my community, teach and practice yoga, and complete research for a small business, I think I, too, deserve a break.

And yeah, I just rattled off a bunch of stuff (and left out a bunch of stuff, too) but you all can do the same.  We’re all playing so many roles everyday.  Husband, wife, mom, dad, mentor, student, scientist, teacher, community member, volunteer, business owner….and sometimes you have to re-evaluate priorities and put some stuff on the back burner.  Not forever, but for now.  So please know that Feminist Forester isn’t going anywhere.  We’re not backing down from our posts as nasty feminist SJWs.  But we are taking some time to calm the sails and take care of ourselves.  We are still going to be re-posting other awesome news stories and blog posts.  We’re still coming up with ideas.  We’re still writing.  We’re still being awesome.


Love, Jess

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