Fire and ICE….entomologists take Orlando

Is that reference too old now?  Truth be told I’ve never seen a single episode of anything to do with the Kardashians and somehow I still know that two of them routinely “took” entire cities (don’t ask me which ones).  Well now it’s our turn.

Nearly 7,000 entomologists from around the world will descend on Orlando the last week of September for the combo Entomological Society of America and International Congress of Entomology meeting.  Highlights include (but are certainly not limited to) plenary sessions with TWO Nobel laureates, Dr. Peter Agre (2003 Nobel Prize in Chemistry) and Dr. Jules A. Hoffmann (2011 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine), tours of surrounding area attractions (of which the collecting trip is predictably sold out), and a fancy shmancy gala complete with a four course meal and Cirque performance.  Basically, this conference is so swagged out, the only phrases I can think of to describe it are not appropriate for this post.


ESA is a unique organization for a few reasons.  First off, last year they unveiled a code of conduct for annual meetings.  This is uncommon among scientific societies and definitely puts ESA ahead of the game in terms of creating a safe space for all meeting attendees.  They didn’t stop there, though.  Last year also marked the first meeting of the Committee on Diversity and Inclusion and a policy on diversity and inclusiveness that extends far beyond the typical realm of discrimination protection.

This year they’re going a step further.  The Committee on Diversity and Inclusion is organizing a symposium on ways to attract and retain bright entomologists in the face of discrimination.  Molly and I will be presenting in this symposium, Friday September 30th at 4 pm on retention of young entomologists.  To top it off, there is also a lunch and learn function discussing harassment at professional meetings.

So please check our talk, and the session.  Come by and support the good work people in ESA are doing to make the society a great place for everyone.

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